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Enhance Your Structure With A Copper Copula
Cupolas can traditionally be found on buildings such as cathedrals, churches or old schoolhouses. They are rounded structures placed upon rooftops, and were used in earlier days as a means for air ventilation, a lookout point or an extra way to allow light into a building. In terms of air ventilation, cupolas were essentially a primitive version of an air-conditioning system. As heat rises, the cupola allowed heat to escape from a building, and allowed air to circulate. Some of the world’s most beautiful buildings use cupolas as a way to enhance and protect their structures. A properly integrated cupola in a building’s design can make a truly remarkable statement. A cupola can still bring a classic appeal to even a modern day structure, which is why they are popular today.
The benefits of a copula are that they can be further decorated with charming and elegant weathervanes. This will emphasize the look you wish to create and truly dramatize the visual effect of your building. However, it can be difficult to select the proper material, as a copula must flow cohesively with the rest of your roof. If you look at some of Canada’s most important structures, such as the Parliament Buildings, you will notice that the most reliable choice of material to withstand the Canadian elements is copper.  Copper is by far the most practical choice for your cupola. It does not rust or corrode and is fully resilient to all of Canada’s drastic seasons. Copper can take the effects of heavy snowfall, hail, toxic rain and intense wind. In addition, copper can withstand the effects of salt, so if your structure happens to be near the ocean, your copula will not be threatened.
A Classic Look
Copper is a beautiful and classic material. It can add a truly respectable appearance to your building. Copper begins with a bronze, shiny hue and then matures into a blue-green patina that will draw the eye of any passerby. It can also be mended and altered in more forms and shapes then any other material which allows you a greater variety in selecting the right cupola for you. Copper Works Canada can provide additional weathervanes to compliment your cupola. They have a wide selection of styles and shapes to add that perfect touch to your structure.
Aside from being durable and stylish, copper is also a recyclable material. Therefore, by selecting copper for your cupola, you can rest assured that you are picking the most environmentally friendly option.

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